Friday 23 August 2013

UFood Grill: Where Healthy Meets Tasty

On a weekday evening, we were waiting in line at the Famous Warehouse but we didn't have time to wait much longer so we walked across the street to UFood Grill, a newer restaurant on the block.

UFood Grill
UFood Grill promotes itself as a place that serves fast food that is healthy and delicious. They call it "Un-Fast" food. In a bracket behind the prices on the menu it shows the number of calories in the food item for easy reference.

Chicken Curry Masala UBowl: chicken, curry masala sauce, cucumber, cilantro, yogurt, tamarind sauce
I really enjoyed this UBowl with the flavourful sauce, tender chicken and whole grain brown rice. I was surprised that it was presented so nicely on a ceramic dish with metal utensils despite being self-serve fast food. The sauce was a bit spicier than I expected but I don't have a very high spiciness tolerance.

Chicken Curry Masala UBowl
Chicken Tinga UBowl: slow-cooked chicken in adobo, sauce with tinga salsa
This dish was less hot than the curry masala and much spicier. It is served with the same whole grain brown rice and the chicken was like the texture of pulled pork.

Chicken Tinga UBowl
Fresh Blueberry Frozen Yogurt: I really enjoyed this frozen yogurt because it was blended with fresh blueberries as you can tell from the true purple/blue colour of the photo. It tasted so refreshing after the spicy UBowls, not too sweet and so creamy. Definitely will get this again!

Fresh Blueberry Froyo
Overall, UFood Grill was a surprise find and I appreciate a healthy food choice among all the unhealthy ones downtown.

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