Tuesday 5 August 2014

Burgoo (W 4th): Decadent French Onion Soup

We came to Burgoo on W 4th to celebrate a friend's birthday. We were swiftly seated with our reservation and the few spots left were quickly taken up during the lunch hour. I had heard a lot about Burgoo before coming here and they definitely lived up to expectation.

I got a French Onion Soup for the bubbling cheese but was worried that I wouldn't be full with just soup. It turned out that my worries were absolutely unnecessary! The soup is made with roasted onions in a beef broth with croutons soaked in and gruyere, emmenthal and mozzarella cheese on top. The thick layer of baked cheese with each spoonful of hot, flavourful soup combined with the fluffy bread was decadent. This is definitely the best french onion soup I've had.

Decadent french onion soup ($10)
A friend and I shared the fiesta guacamole which came with crispy white corn tortilla chips. The guacamole had avocado, black bean, pineapple, lime, jalapeno, red onion and cilantro. The pineapple definitely adds a tangy kick that I haven't tasted in other guacamole. Give it a try if you're looking for a starter!

Fiesta guacamole ($7)
Overall I really enjoyed my meal here. The service was great, the atmosphere was relaxing and the food is packed full of ingredients and flavours that will leave you wanting more!

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