Friday 15 August 2014

Famoso Pizzeria (Commercial): Margherita Pizzetta

After walking past Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria on Italian Day I wanted to go back to try it. It's a chain store with restaurants in Alberta and BC. There were TVs on the wall and you can see the oven for the freshly made pizza.

I ordered a margherita pizzetta lunch deal which is only half the size of a regular pizza with a roasted tomato bisque. I thoroughly enjoyed the tomato bisque because it was creamy and I just love tomatoes. My only complaint is that it was not hot enough. The margherita pizza tasted good with a chewy crust, fresh tomato sauce and moderate amount of cheese. However, the crust in the middle of the pizza was slightly soggy and not firm enough to enable you to cut a slice and hold it up to eat. It would flop over. I've been to other great pizza places where it didn't flop over even on a thin crust.

Pizzetta with a side ($10)
Overall I'm still curious to try the other pizza flavours at Famoso and I hope the crust won't be soggy next time!

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