Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Charles Bar: $10 Lunches

The Charles Bar is where the Woodwards Building is with an outdoor patio and large TV screens inside. We were there for lunch and there weren't that many customers at the restaurant.

They have a $10 lunch special menu and this one is the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich. It has buttermilk fried chicken, arugula, pickled red onion and mayonnaise all on a brioche bun. The fried chicken was crispy and paired well with the slightly sweet bun.

Crunchy chicken sandwich ($10)
I ordered the lunch special of the day for $13 which had fried shrimp, tomato and lettuce between a baguette-like bun. The fried shrimp was crispy and I liked the mayonnaise-chipotle sauce on top but the sandwich as a whole was difficult to chew. The bread was too tough so I couldn't bite through it. Even with a knife it took some effort to cut it into edible pieces. The side salad was pretty fresh with tomatoes, spinach, beats and carrot.

Fried shrimp sandwich ($13)
Overall The Charles Bar is similar to other establishments that offer comparable menu items. I wouldn't necessarily think of coming to eat here if I was thinking of the Gastown area.

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