Monday 11 August 2014

Silver Reef Casino Buffet: Seafood Night

Silver Reef Casino Buffet is nearby Bellingham for those Vancouverites who do day trips to the US. However it is impossible to go without a car.

It is open 5-10pm for dinner and we went during a seafood dinner night which costs $27.95 per adult. If you're 21 or over, you can register at the casino counter for a $5 voucher to any food facility and you don't even have to gamble.

This isn't a buffet where you have to walk around a lot to see all of the food offered. All the food is along one side of the wall and there aren't as many choices as bigger buffets but it's decent. The seafood section had three types of crab legs including snow crab and Alaska king crab. There were baked oysters and shrimp.

Another station had meat and fried food and another with a salad bar. My favourite station was the pasta one where you could choose the pasta, sauce and ingredients of your choice. Then the chef will make it fresh for you at the station. I thoroughly enjoyed my pesto alfredo fettucine with shrimp and mushroom.

Lastly there's a dessert station with pies, cupcakes, cake pops, tarts, cake and ice cream. The desserts weren't that special and most were too sweet for my taste. I liked the vanilla ice cream but it was store bought.

Overall if you're going on the seafood night then indulge on the crab legs offered!

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