Saturday 16 August 2014

Flying Beaver: Bison Beef Burger

Flying Beaver was always one of those restaurants that I've heard of but never tried due to the location. It is near the airport but only if you drive. You cannot take public transit there and it is not close to anything else.

There was a family with children that weren't allowed in because they had minors. I suppose the entire restaurant is treated like a bar and those under 19 couldn't dine here. On a weekend evening most of the tables were full and especially the outdoor patio ones where you can look over the river.

I ordered a bison beef burger which came with a side salad. The salad had assorted greens, cheese and dried cranberry pieces which made it suitable for summer. The burger patty was pretty juicy and the cheese and vinegar on top made it flavourful. Romer's Burger still makes my favourite burger.

Overall Flying Beaver is a good spot for casual dining and getting together with friends. The view is pretty nice on a summer evening before the sun sets and there is adequate parking in the lot across the street.

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