Saturday 26 May 2012

Boston Pizza: Perogy pizza

I don't eat at Boston Pizza often because everything is so NOT guilt free but that is the reason why the things taste good! However you have to know what to order. 

My favourite pizza there is the Perogy! The individual size is very filling. The sour cream makes the otherwise dry dough yummier to eat. There is no tomato pizza sauce, instead a sour cream base is used.
Individual size Perogy: cheese, bacon bits, cactus cut potatoes in the base, green onions, dollop of sour cream

For a more carb-free meal (compared to the pizzas) try the steak sandwich (just don't eat the garlic toast). This is a 7 oz. steak with garden greens and I chose a raspberry vinaigrette dressing which is just a little bit sweet.  
Overall, I'd say come here for the pizza (and nachos) not the rice bowl, soup, etc. This is Boston PIZZA so naturally they would make pizzas best!

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