Thursday 24 May 2012

Twisted Fork Bistro: 3 Course Meal

Delicious!! Just have to blurt it out, this place is delicious! Well I mean the food is delicious not the actual place...Anyways there was two of us and we ordered the Blue Fence Special $28 for 3 courses. Basically you can choose one appetizer, one main, and one dessert from anywhere on the menu. Sweet and Full.

Appetizer 1: Tomato and mushroom salad with fresh basil and feta in a basil vinaigrette. The herbs really brought some taste to the otherwise tasteless mushrooms and I love tomatoes so this tasted good to me!
 Appetizer 2: Garden greens with caramelized onion and almond slices in a vinaigrette.
 Main 1: Pan seared halibut which the server recommended. I like when the fish skin is crunchy and this dish had crunchy fish skin so thumbs up!
 Main 2: Lamb shank with asparagus, beets and tomatoes. The sauce looks like curry but it tastes more like a mild gravy. The lamb was cooked thoroughly and the meat fell off the bone easily. Yum.
 My FAVOURITE part! Dessert 1: Chocolate terrine which is frozen dark chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet on top. Mad loved this! The frozen mousse was in between frozen and moist and tasted super chocolately. The sorbet was good too but the cake definitely took the spotlight.
 Dessert 2: This was amazing as well! Caramel Napoleon, almond tuilles sandwiching caramel mousse and fresh raspberries. On top is maple ice cream. The almond tuilles are like thin sweet crackers that are light and sticky crunchy. It got a bit messy to eat since the mousse squirted out when you dig the fork in but you would not want to miss a bite of this dessert.
Overall, LOVE. Looking and the pictures and writing this entry makes me want to go again immediately. However, there was something I didn't like about Twisted Fork which was the seating. It is a very small restaurant so the seats were placed very close together. A table for two is only a little bigger than the size of an elementary school desk and your legs have little room. It's great for date night but for bigger parties or families this restaurant may be a little tight.

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