Friday 25 May 2012

Sunshine Steveston

Steveston is where Richmondites like to go when the sun is out! Maybe summer is finally here in Vancouver but I don't keep my hopes up too high because the rainy weather will come back again.

Timothy's is a must stop for me every time I go to Steveston, the waffle cone smell just gets my attention every time!

Mixed berry frozen yogurt single cup ($4.00). This yogurt had a LOT of seeds probably from the blackberries so order another fruit if you don't like the feelings of seeds between your teeth.

Fisherman's Wharf

A new find for me this time is the Steveston Bakery but it is definitely not new because it has been around since 1989.

Delicious assortment of baked goods (sweet and savoury), the prices are also lower than other bakeries in Steveston.

 I ordered a Spicy Chicken Pastry Roll and a slice of Mango Cheesecake ($5.10 including tax).

The pastry was reheated so the outside was fluffy and the inside had chunks of chicken, the spice was the type you get from a lot of black pepper. Great afternoon snack.

I love cheesecake so I couldn't wait to try this! It had a graham crust and white pieces of chocolate on the edge.

 The mango taste was like mango jello or pudding with little cheese taste. The texture was great though! It was moist and a little bouncy unlike those cheesecakes that are sold in the fridge of grocery stores. It was a yummy cake but if you're looking for the cheese flavour in this cheesecake then you won't find much.

Overall, it was another relaxing afternoon spent at Steveston. It really is so beautiful there when the sun is out. I'll be sure to check out Steveston Bakery again next time to try something else.

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