Saturday 26 May 2012

Capstone: Stone frozen ice cream

I went to Capstone (Richmond location) originally wanting to try the All You Can Eat Chocolate Fondue but since I was still feeling full from my last meal I shared the Chocolate Fondue for two ($22.95 menu price) with a friend. Turns out this was PLENTY enough for two people! We couldn't even finish it all.

 Included in the fondue for two: two pots of chocolate, assorted fruits (grapes, apples, pears, bananas, strawberries), pastries (cakes, cookies), six frozen ice cream balls, two fondue dips (almond, nut)

The chocolate was kept warm by a small candle underneath the pot and kept its liquid form throughout the meal. I liked the fruit and the ice cream the best, the pastries were all right. After a few pieces all the food seemed to be too much to be dipped in chocolate as well because the cakes itself were very filling.

The ice cream balls came in flavours like green tea, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla. The green tea was my favourite but when I dipped it into my chocolate it fell off the stick and I had the most difficult time getting it out again. The ice cream itself is frozen so when you eat it, it takes a solid bite to consume.

Overall, everything did taste good but I probably will not go again anytime soon since all that chocolate makes you very sick of chocolate (and sweet things)!
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