Saturday 26 May 2012

Chicco: Macaron thoughts

*UPDATE May 27, 2012: I went back to Chicco today because friends wanted to try the parfaits. I still felt full from dinner so I didn't order anything but they did. We sat down and they were about to eat when the employee told me that I have to buy something if I want to sit down because they have limited seats in the place. Chicco is a very small store that can possibly seat 15 people max but there were only 6 guests in the store at that time! I would understand if it was full that I would have to make a purchase in order to have a seat but it was not busy tonight. In the end my friends said lets leave since they were so unaccommodating and I felt bad for having to make them pack their cakes to go. This is inflexible customer service on Chicco's part because this made me feel like in order to stand in the store I MUST make a purchase. Rules for limited seating should be enforced when the place is full, not when there's still so much room. This bad experience will definitely be a limiting factor on if I'll go back or recommend friends. PLUS Bon Crepe about half a block away from Chicco sells parfaits for $6.21 compared to Chicco's $7.10, so I can definitely get my parfaits elsewhere for a better price.  


My friend ordered a Matcha Parfait. She seemed to enjoy it but said there was too much cornflakes at the bottom. 
Matcha Parfait
I bought macarons only.
The green tea macarons ($4.42 with tax) came in 6 pieces (I already ate one in the picture!). The macarons were not great, the pastry part was baked too thoroughly so the pieces were hard and crunchy instead of being slightly chewy in the middle. The green tea icing that held the two sides together only tasted sweet without much green tea taste.

Overall, I might go back to try the parfaits but not the macarons.

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