Thursday 24 May 2012

Tokyo Joe's: Spider and Sexy Roll

I went to the ramen Tokyo Joe's. The servers are actually Japanese so whenever you walk in and out of the restaurant they all greet you in a welcoming sort of way.

I didn't eat the Sexy Roll but thought it was worth a mention.

House ramen: ramen noodles, half an egg, and broth. There's no meat in this and the soup was quite flavourful but I did feel quite thirsty afterward so not sure if the broth is mainly MSG.

Sashimi platter: the shrimp sashimi was fresh and tasted really good! The other sashimi pieces weren't anything special, not bad but not outstanding.

Spider roll: fried soft shell crab in a california roll. This took a long time to make so don't order it halfway through your meal like I did. It did taste really good, the fried crab was warm and crunchy. However, there was barely any crab in the rest of the roll except for the first and last piece.
Overall, the food at Tokyo Joe's does taste good but it's not memorable enough for me to go back anytime soon since there are so many Japanese restaurants left to try.
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