Monday 28 May 2012

Ma Dang Goul: Bibimbap Please!

This is my second time eating at Ma Dang Goul. Both times the food tasted good but this time I knew not to order too much since the portions can add up!
The employees are all Korean so communication can be a little difficult at times with the server but overall there isn't a big problem since the menu has pictures for every item. 

 The combo for bulgogi and soup came with rice. The bulgogi was marinated with a LOT of sauce so mostly there is just the sweet sauce taste and barely any beef taste. The kimchi soup came hot with soft tofu, carrots, and kimchi pieces. It tasted good but I prefer the Spicy Tofu Soup I ordered last time which has tofu, cabbage, and shrimp.
Beef Bulgogi and Kimchi Soup combo ($14.95). Bulgogi not pictured.
Most people at the restaurant ordered a stone bowl bibimbap. We ordered the chicken one which is a much better balance between sauce and chicken compared to the bulgogi. There were carrot slices, chicken pieces, cucumber, some seaweed, and an egg. Mixing all the ingredients together is always the fun part about Korean stone bowl! There was a good amount of meat in proportion the rice so after the mixing every bite of rice also had chicken and vegetables. I liked the burnt crusty bits of rice at the bottom of the bowl, they taste like rice chips! I thoroughly enjoyed this bibimbap.
Chicken Bibimbap ($12.95)

Overall, I will be visiting Ma Dang Goul again for my fix of Korean food. However, the restaurant is quite small and had only one server even during the busy dinner time so don't expect to get a lot of service. She was polite but there was too much for her to multitask!

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