Friday 25 May 2012

Curry Kitchen: A curry-less review

I don't go to Parker Place often but when I do I often stop at Connie's Curry Kitchen for a snack. Their prices are inexpensive and their portions are nice. Actually any food vendor at Parker Place is a better deal than at the Aberdeen food court next door.

I didn't get the noodles, just the white radish and beef brisket in beef sauce ($3.50 including tax). Flavourful as usual. I like to get the beef brisket because it takes a long time to cook to get it this tender so it is definitely easier to get my fix here.
Overall, I will continue eating here. On a side note the ladies who work at Curry Kitchen are much more friendly than some of the other vendors in the Parker food court, that is always a plus!
Connie's Curry Kitchen (Parker Place) 咖喱小廚 on Urbanspoon