Friday 15 June 2012

Bella Gelateria: Chocolate Sea-salt Gelato

We had many orders of the $4.70 for 10 wings at Wings on Granville St. The deal is effective when you order before 5:00pm. The ambiance is very dark so I wasn't able to take pictures. The honey and garlic wings were sweet and crispy.

After Wings we headed over to Bella Gelateria. The gelato parlor and cafe by Waterfront had a small line up the entire time I was there. I guess they also heard about how the owner has a masters degree from Carpigiani's Gelato University. 

Busy workers
 I ordered the Chocolate and Sea Salt Gelato ($4.91 a single scoop cup) on recommendation from a friend. The texture of the gelato is interesting, it is not like ones from gelato chain store companies. It is like a wetter version of a thick cake batter. Not quite solid like ice cream but not quite icy like sorbet. Anyhow I liked how smoothly it glided. The chocolate taste was rich and there were definite hints of salt. In fact, after you're halfway through the cup it actually gets to be a little too salty. I felt thirsty as I was eating this.
Chocolate and sea salt gelato
Overall, I'd like to visit again during the summer because I heard they make great strawberry gelatos during the strawberry season when it's fresh!

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