Thursday 21 June 2012

Sweet Tooth: Luscious Creations & Matteo's Gelato

I thought it was going to rain again today but it turned out to be warm!
We wanted to go to Bunzten Lake to enjoy the weather but when we arrived the road to the lake was closed down for some repairments so we headed to the nearby Belacarra park.
It is definitely smaller and less scenic than Bunzten Lake but it is also a lot quieter with more free space.

After the lake, we headed to Port Coquitlam for some sweet treats. First stop was Luscious Creations to get cupcakes. We almost drove past this location because it is slightly under ground level with downward stairs leading to the front entrance.

We tried two kinds: a red velvet with cream cheese icing one and a nutmeg one.
I enjoyed the cream cheese icing but not so much the cake for the red velvet cupcake. The cake was not soft like I expected, instead it was dry and not moist or soft enough to be a cupcake. The texture was more muffin-like than cupcake-like.

The same muffin-like texture for the nutmeg cupcake. This one tasted like a sweet muffin actually.
Inside the store there were beautifully decorated cakes and pictures of past creations. The designs are unique and attention grabbing so I suppose they just make cakes better than cupcakes!

Second stop was Matteo's Gelato. It's a bistro cafe that serves gelato and coffee. There was a great assortment of freshly made gelatos to choose from. At gelato stores I want to taste test the flavours before I commit to choosing one but I always feel bad for asking so I just choose what sounds or looks best. This method doesn't work all the time but this time it worked!

This is creme brulee and blueberry gelato. I'd like to mention that their portion size is generous because mine was suppose to be a small gelato with two flavours but it was spilling over the edges! :)
Both flavours tasted good, especially the blueberry one since I love the fruit itself. The texture was creamy and smooth, comparable to Bella Gelateria's gelato texture. 

Creme brulee & blueberry
 I've never tried lemon gelato before but it was surprisingly refreshing. It tasted like tangy, slightly sour lemonade. Some people might prefer their gelatos more sweet than sour but I liked this lemon flavour.

 Overall, I had a good range of sweets this afternoon! If I'm in the area again I would likely stop by for some gelato.

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