Wednesday 27 June 2012

Felicos: Platter Up!

 Another friend's birthday dinner within five days! I love summer birthdays :)
We went to Felicos which I had never been to before. I was surprised at how nice the inside looked with its clean ambiance and many windows for brightness.

Friends who have eaten at Felicos before said the portions are big and they were right! We ordered the Chicken Linguine and the Felicos Platter which serves 2 people and is $16.95 per person. I found the coupon in the Richmond Review.

The platter includes Greek salad, homous & pita bread, ice shrimp cocktail, kalamaria, chicken souvlaia, lamb souvlakia, stuffed tiger prawns, rice, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

The pita bread came first and it was so good. We only held back on eating all of it because we knew there'd be more food to come. It was warm and chewy.

Pita bread
 The homous was made with a lot of garlic which was a little too much for my personal preference.
The shrimp cocktail which was cooked shrimp chilled in ice were pretty tasty with the provided sauce. It makes a light snack to prepare us for the rest of the meal which is heavy in oil and butter.
Ice shrimp cocktail
 Salad was made with fresh ingredients, olive oil, vinaigrette and lots of parm.
Greek salad
 The seasonal vegetables were cooked and drenched in butter which brought out a delicious aroma but felt too buttery in the mouth.
Seasonal vegetables, roasted potato, rice
The kalamaria by itself was quite plain but tasted good with the satizki. There was a generous amount of it.
Both chicken and lamb souvlakia were dry and required dipping in the brown sauce pictured below to make the meat less tough.
Tiger prawns had a breaded coating of canned crab meat on top which tasted good.

Kalamaria, chicken & lamb souvlakia, stuffed tiger prawns
Chicken linguine with alfredo sauce: the sauce was pretty creamy but this dish was just regular pasta.
Chicken linguine
Overall, we had a good time at Felicos and were very full from all the food. Choosing the platter was nice because we could try a few different things. I couldn't catch our server's name but she had great service even though we were a large group! 
Also, I used the Qooway card for 12% discount which doesn't apply to the $16.95 platter since it was a promotion item but it applied for the Chicken linguine and drinks.

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