Monday 4 June 2012

Jugo Juice: Free PB&C!

I got a deal from Mobile Bandit for a free 14 oz. Jugo Juice at Wesbrook Village so I headed there after class today. Conveniently the 41 bus (stop Birvey Ave.) stops directly in front of Jugo Juice. Menchie's is located right next to this Jugo Juice and I'm looking forward to it opening!

Jugo Juice Wesbrook Village
Like the rest of the village, the store was very new and clean. The menus are clear and easy to read.

I chose the Peanut Butter & Chocolate snacking smoothie which has banana, low fat yogurt, chocolate almond milk, and peanut butter. Personally I really like peanut butter so the taste of this was great! Not to mention the consistency was nice and thick which makes the smoothie deliciously fulfilling. Yummm, I will definitely be choosing this smoothie again.

PB & Chocolate
 I thought this napkin saying was pretty fun. Even though it's for advertising but at least you feel good about purchasing from the company.
Overall, now that I know it's more convenient to get to Wesbrook Village (since 41 bus is frequent) I will be coming back for more doses of the food there!

***Update June 7, 2012
I came back sooner than I thought! This time I ordered the 14 oz. snacking combo which includes a 14 oz. snacking smoothie and any grilled sandwich or wrap ($9.95).

I ordered a Wacky Watermelon smoothie and a Grilled Veg Flatbread sandwich.
Wacky Watermelon: watermelon, mango, tropical nectar
So yummy, just the right amount of sweetness! Personally it's not easy to detect the watermelon in the smoothie but there is definitely a hint of mango.

14 oz. Wacky Watermelon
Grilled Veg Flatbread: multigrain flatbread, zucchini, red peppers, red onion, spinach, cheddar cheese, herb and garlic cream cheese
 I'm not usually very fond of red  peppers but this flatbread still tasted good to me. They reheated/grilled the flatbread for me so it came out nice and warm. However, the cheddar cheese is way too melted. Cheese was dripping from the bottom of the flatbread when I held it up to eat. I'd rather have more chewy and stringy cheese than dripping cheese. Also there is a good amount of onions (beware onion breath!!)

14. oz snacking combo
Grilled Veg Flatbread
Dripping cheese in background :P

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