Saturday 2 June 2012

Costco: Haagen Dazs Minis!

This yummy Costco food find had to be shared! I love Haagen-Dazs products because they're actually made from real cream and milk. Whereas most "ice creams" we buy today are actually just frozen desserts with lots of processed milk and artificial sugars including Mario Gelato which I used to often buy from Costco.

This Costco pack comes with 12 Haagen Dazs mini bars (about $14.95) but it really isn't a bulk pack because these bars are quite small.

Packing of the outside box

There are 3 separate boxes inside the bigger box for each of the three kinds of bars: vanilla milk chocolate almonds, vanilla milk chocolate, and caramel crunch.

Earn Aeroplan points with this purchase if you're into collecting points.

Packaging of the inside box

The size of the bars are much smaller than their regular bars, the size can fit comfortably in the palm of my hand if I didn't have to use the other hand to hold the camera!

Vanilla milk chocolate almonds

Haagen Dazs products with almond are my favourite! This bar is small but just as delicious as its original size counterpart. Rich creamy vanilla ice cream in the middle, crisp almond pieces coated with milk chocolate. Best dessert from a fridge!

Here's the nutrition information if anyone's interested. These are not meant to be healthy versions of the larger Haagen Dazs bars but just smaller portion controlled versions which I think is great since the product still tastes just as amazing without over-indulging on sweets. Might as well have the real deal fully delicious ice cream bar to fulfill that sweet tooth craving than to eat a lot of  "healthy" fudge bars that are promoted to be 100 calories when they're just made of artificial ingredients that aren't good for you anyways.

Keep the bulk size Haagen Dazs and other quality products coming Costco!