Tuesday 12 June 2012

SUB Food: Salad and the Moon

Two lunch choices under $5 at the Student Union Building at UBC.

Salad bar at the SUB food court
I like coming here for a quick healthier lunch alternative. I always get an egg with my salad and the potato salad was actually pretty good. Salad cost is by weight, mine cost $2.95 that day.

Salad bar: greens, potato salad, boiled egg, corn, parm
 The Moon
Chinese fast food vendor in the basement of the SUB. Of course it is not comparable to food vendors at Parker Place but it is quick and the prices are reasonable. I got a single item of Chicken and Vegetable for $3.15. Original price is $3.50 but if you check-in with the Yelp App on your phone you get 10% off your order.
Chicken and Vegetable: water chestnut, chicken meat, celery, zucchini, potato, mini corn, carrots, lots of garlic

Chicken and vegetable
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