Tuesday 12 June 2012

Simply French Cafe: Quiet space

I saw a $9 for $14 Groupon for Simply French Cafe so I took up the opportunity to visit. It is easy to find since the sign is large and contrasts against the black walls.

Simply French Cafe
The decor of this cafe is interesting with art work and boutique items placed in an unorganized fashion around the place. It is definitely different from Starbucks type of coffee houses. 

There were two unmatching chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

With my Groupon I ordered a good amount of food: a small Roasted Red Pepper soup, one slice of chocolate orange cheesecake, one raspberry macaron, and one chocolate chip cookie.

The soup was hearty and came very hot. It was thick and tasted of tomato and red pepper. The panini bread (I think?) that came with the soup was quite burnt but I liked the chewiness of it.
Roasted Red Pepper Soup $4.50
 The macaron was disappointing, even more than the one at Chicco. The macaron came broken as shown in the picture. The cookie part was like a crumbled meringue cookie that only tasted sweet and the ganache had no raspberry taste at all, it was merely sugary icing.
Since this is supposed to be a French cafe I expected the macarons to be good.
Raspberry macaron $2.50 each

 My cheesecake is in a styrofoam box because I ordered it to go. There were small orange peel pieces in the cheesecake batter and the cake is topped with a layer of chocolate. This did taste pretty good, there was the thick cream cheese texture I like and the chocolate and orange went well together. However, this tasted very much like an American style cake and not like pastries I've had at other French bakeries.
Chocolate Orange Cheesecake $5.50

This was a butter cookie base with dark, milk and white chocolate chips. I liked the assorted chocolate chips but other than that this is a cookie you can buy at any coffee shop.

Chocolate chip cookie $2.26
Simply French Cafe is a quiet space with WiFi for people to study or chat. While I was there, only groups of 2-3 people floated in allowing the noise level to remain at a low hum.


Overall, I paid $11.25 including the Groupon price and tax. I'm not sure if I will be returning again just for the soup.

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