Wednesday 6 June 2012

Fast Food Kind of Day

Do you tend to eat more fast food when you go shopping?

I often do because the food court and snack stalls are all so nearby in the shopping areas. Not to mention on a weekday like Tuesday there are tempting fast food deals! I had three today.

Pactific Centre
The food court was crowded with men and women in suits for lunch break but after that rush hour the mall returned to normal busy again.

This picture could easily have been taken in October but it's June and we're STILL wearing our fall clothes. Raincouver.

There was a display at the mall called Vanity by Emily Carr University students. I only took a picture of the diamond ring one but there was also a big high heel and a perfume bottle. The man behind the ring saw me taking a picture and hid behind the newspaper! He peeked from behind it to check if I was done. 

From Instagram: Emily Carr University display

First stop: Taco Tuesdays at TacoTime
There was a small line up at TacoTime in the PC foodcourt but the salad place next to it was quite empty.

TacoTime at Pacific Centre
 Veggie or Beef tacos cost 99 cents on Taco Tuesdays.

 I ordered a Veggie soft taco which has pinto beans, lettuce, cheddar, ranch dressing, and some diced tomatoes. Honestly it does not look very appetizing but it tasted pretty good. Don't expect authentic Mexican food from a food court vendor but eating it as regular food that's not cuisine specific it did not taste bad. The beans were cooked thoroughly, the tortilla was soft, there was enough sauce and most importantly for me, it wasn't overly salty. I didn't need to drink 2 bottles of water afterward which is a good sign.

Veggie taco
Second stop: Ice Cream Sundae at Burger King
 After a bit of shopping at and around PC I stopped at the Burger King on Granville St. across from Urban Outfitters. I've never been in here before but it sure is red. The seats along the wall are strange because it is one long bench that is very high compared to the table. There is very little thigh space between the bench and the bottom of the table. No idea why they designed it that way unless it was for kids?

Burger King at Granville
 I ordered a strawberry sundae ($1.49) which isn't a Tuesday special but I thought the regular price is a good deal regardless. It simply came with soft serve ice cream and strawberry syrup. There was a good amount of strawberry chunks in there.

Third stop: $5 Footlong at Subway

My first $5 footlong purchase of the year. It was too much, I should have gone with the 6 inch.
I got Italian Herbs bread toasted with cheese, egg salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and light mayo. 

I must say $5 is a good deal because a footlong is very filling. There were a lot of egg pieces which is good and the egg salad made the whole sandwich nice and moist to eat. I probably should have skipped the extra mayo.
Egg salad Subway

Today was one of those eat-as-I-go type of days and fast food deals compliment that perfectly!

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