Wednesday 13 June 2012

Joy G: All You Can Game

Bubble tea houses are very popular in Vancouver and especially Richmond. Joy G on Alexandra Road adds a little twist to the conventional bubble tea house because they promote themselves as a board games restaurant. You can come here to enjoy some bubble tea, snacks, and a great variety of board games and mahjong!

I could not find an English website for Joy G but I did find a Chinese one that had a lot of information about Joy G (桌游记). You can choose to pay by the hour to rent board game playing time or pay a set price for all-you-can-play.

This mahjong table is the coolest! We definitely spent the most time here. This electronic table is very convenient because after every game you just push a button and a hole forms in the middle of the table where you push all the tiles in. You will hear a loud rumbling under the table when the machine is shuffling all the tiles. With another hit of the button, 4 rows of neatly stacked tiles will appear!

There were other games like Jenga, Monopoly, tarot cards, etc. However, many of the games were Chinese versions so anyone who can't read the language might have some difficulty. Also, the staff spoke Mandarin and little conversational English.
 There was an average selection of drinks but a small selection of food.

Orange pop, rose tea, mango slush
Overall, I think this is a good place to come hang out with friends if  you don't know what activities to do indoors. The seats are comfortable and you can easily spend hours here playing game-to-game or just at the mahjong table.

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