Friday 8 June 2012

Waves Coffee: Cover from the Rain

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Today's weather was like fast forwarding from fall to early summer. In the morning it was sunny with clear skies, it rained cats and dogs in the afternoon, and then the sun came back out again in the evening as if to tease us for being soaked from the rain.

While it was pouring, I found "shelter" at Waves Coffee on Main Street.
There were a few people there chatting in a low hum. Strangely the place did not smell like coffee, instead it smelled like lasagna or pasta to me.

There were an assortment of pastries including cakes, sandwiches, muffins, and biscottis but there were no cookies! I wanted a chocolate chip cookie.

Waves Coffee on Main St.
I ordered a medium Matcha Frappe ($4.55) unsweetened and with yogurt.
The first few sips actually tasted pretty good given that the matcha taste was definitely not strong enough. Actually I have not been satisfied with any matcha drink at a juice or coffee place except for Booster Juice's Matcha Monsoon. Matcha Monsoon actually uses flavourful matcha powder and they use lots of it! YUM. The last time I drank it was a few months before I started this blog so I have no photos but the colour is definitely much darker green than this one.

When I was halfway through the drink, it quickly got too icy and difficult to sip. I guess that might be my fault for choosing yogurt instead of ice cream to be blended into my drink. However, the Starbucks "light" versions of drinks are able to keep their smooth frappe consistency. I'm not sure what ingredients they use though.

Medium Matcha Frappe

 I spent some time using the free WiFi at Waves Coffee while waiting for the downpour to finish and this location had of plenty seats beside the windows with wall plugs. I liked that they had many accessible plugs to charge electronic devices, the Richmond Central Waves Coffee has a lack of wall plugs. WiFi speed was mediocre.

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