Saturday 9 June 2012

The Apron: Molecular Dessert

How do you feel about science and food?

A kind of new introduction into the food world is molecular gastronomy. Some people are skeptical about mixing science with food but actually science and food has always been intertwined. Without science how else would people be able to cook with such great kitchen stoves, ovens, blenders, torches, etc.? Or maybe that is just an unrelated argument.

Anyways, there is a small restaurant at the Westin Wall in Richmond called The Apron that serves molecular gastronomy food.


Butternut squash soup
 Vegetable appetizer: beets, black pudding, pine mushroom, veal marrow in an almond vinaigrette
Not sure where the molecular gastronomy part is.
Assorted vegetables
 This appetizer was actually kind of fun. What I mean is the blown mozzarella (the deflated white thing on the left). When you bite into it, it's airy and deflates very quickly into normal cheese taste in the mouth. There's also eggplant puree and greens.
Eggplant puree and blown mozzarella

This was another unique dish not because of the duck but the layer on top. The brown piece on top of the duck was like a very, very thin grain/seed cracker. It was crunchy and salty tasting.

Spiced duck confit

The braised lamb had couscous, red bean puree, scallions, and a dry lime parsley foam on the side. The foam was definitely a different kind of side compared to sauces or vinaigrettes. I'm not sure what the black powder was.
Braised lamb
The side provencial tart was like a savoury mille feuille with sun choke and basil inside. Cheese on top added to the light taste of the pastry, very good. The salmon piece was small and looks raw but it was definitely cooked.
Pacific salmon


The desserts were the highlight of dinner for me. Each of them were delicious, had a unique molecular gastronomy twist and such attractive presentation on the plate.

The baklava had layers of thin pastry, pistachio ice cream, dates, and honey for taste. The small droplet seen in the picture would "pop" in the mouth like syrup squirting out, kind of like the passion fruit pearls in bubble tea.
 I have two favourite desserts: creme brulee and cheesecake which were both delicious at The Apron!
Their portions for the other dishes may have been small but this dessert came with TWO creme brulees which I definitely did not complain about. I'm quite picky about my creme brulee because the top has to be crunchy but not too sticky on the teeth and not too thin. The custard must be thick, rich, creamy and just slightly sweet. This creme brulee fulfilled my expectations perfectly. There was also almond biscotti but they weren't the stars.
Vanilla creme brulee
 My other favourite type of dessert! This cheesecake was also exactly how I like my cheesecakes. Buttery crust and thick cream cheese that slightly clogs the throat because it is so filling. It's a weird description.

Overall, I would revisit The Apron for the dessert but possibly not the main courses because they are quite small in portion for the price.

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