Friday 15 June 2012

Well Tea UBC: Gimme Smore's!

Today June 15 is Vancouver Day and also the last day of my summer session! So excited for my summer holidays to actually begin but I met some great people in class. After the final exam and getting trolled by the professor one last time this morning (inside joke) we headed to Well Tea on campus to celebrate. 

Well Tea is pretty small and is run like a McDonald's where you order and pay for the food at the counter then you get a device (pictured below) to alert you when your food is ready to pick up. All the utensils and plates are disposable like a food court. There are spaces for approximately 30 people to seat upstairs.

Alert device
I ordered a Smore's thick toast ($4.50) and it was so delicious! The thick toast has butter spread over it, a layer of large marshmellows then baked. The marshmellows were exactly like the ones roasted over bonfires with the outside crispy and the inside gooey. Over the marshmellows is a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. This thick toast is definitely an indulgence that I would definitely recommend trying!

Smore's Thick Toast
There is a sign that says no playing cards at Well Tea but nobody stopped us when we played :)

Well Tea upstairs
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